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Summer Camp

Get ready for an adventure like no other—at the Safari Park's Summer Camp! In our summer adventures, campers get outside to explore habitats, discover wildlife, connect with friends, and create new memories. Led by experienced educators, campers learn about wildlife conservation, how to be an ally for wildlife, and have an amazing amount of fun!


With a variety of program options for children—including a family camp, a camp for toddlers with adults, a Pre-K–Kindergarten camp, and camps for students who will be entering Kindergarten through Grade 6 this fall—kids can experience a memorable week at the Safari Park enjoying fun activities, learning about conservation, and connecting with wildlife.


Safety for our campers, staff, plants, and animals continues to be our top priority. We have implemented safety protocols aligned with San Diego County, the State of California Social Services Department, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. All staff and campers are required to follow the recommended guidelines set forth by the county and state.


If your desired camp is not available, please check back periodically for availability. Unfortunately, we are not able to take a camp wait list.


We’re looking forward to welcoming our campers back!


  • Pre-K through Grade 12
  • $200 per week and up, depending on camp selected
  • Weekdays
  • Half-day or Full-day camps available
  • Half-Day Camp

    Family Camp: One Herd

    Ready to learn and grow together? This specialty camp is geared for families with multiple campers ages 2 to 5  (maximum 2 youngsters per adult).

    Half-Day Camp

    Summer Camp Ages 2-3

    Calling all toddlers! This fun-filled introduction to Summer Camp is designed for children ages 2 to 3 and a favorite adult.

    Half-Day Camp

    Summer Camp Pre-K–Kindergarten

    Campers ages 4 and 5 will spend a memorable week exploring the Safari Park, connecting with wildlife and learning about conservation.

    Half-Day Camp

    Summer Camp Kindergarten–Grade 1

    Are animals athletes? Find out about the remarkable speed, strength, and skills of many different wildlife species during five days of Safari Park exploration and fun.

    Full-Day Camp

    Summer Camp Grades 1–2

    From a bird's beak to an elephant's trunk, summer campers will discover amazing adaptations that make each animal unique—along with enjoying mini tours, visits with wildlife ambassadors, games, crafts, and more.

    Full-Day Camp

    Summer Camp Grades 3-4

    Fact or Fiction: Elephants never forget and bats are blind? Campers will get a chance to meet wildlife, sleuth out some truths, and bust some myths about the Animal Kingdom in this entertaining day camp. 

    Full-Day Camp

    Summer Camp Grades 5–6

    From 1,000-mile migrations to caterpillars that transform into butterflies, nature is full of mysterious phenomena. Campers will discover more phenomenal wildlife phenomena during a full week of fun and exploration.

    Full-Day Camp

    Summer Camp Grades 7–8

    During one amazing week, campers will meet with Safari Park team members and head behind-the-scenes to see firsthand what it takes to work with wildlife.

    Full-Day Camp

    Summer Camp Grades 9–12

    Participants will explore what it takes to be an ally for wildlife, and get an inside look at how San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance puts expertise in animal and plant care to use—at the Safari Park and around the world.  



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