• Conservation Status: Threatened
  • It is easy to identify pelicans, because they are one of the only birds with a pouch under their bill. This enormous, naked-skin pouch hangs from the lower half of the pelican's long, straight bill, hooked at the tip. The bird uses this pouch to catch fish.

    Pelicans have been one of the Safari Park’s big success stories. We have the most comprehensive and productive group of pelicans in North America. We are also the only accredited facility with great white, Dalmatian, and pink-backed pelicans.

    Our Africa Tram tour offers the chance to see all three pelican species. In the Field Marsh habitat, Dalmatian and great white pelicans live together. The Dalmatians are fond of nesting on the island in the habitat, which is only accessible to wildlife care specialists by boat. The Lagoon in Nairobi Village offers plenty of paddle room for great white and pink-backed pelicans.

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