Elephant herd running out into yard in single file.


  • Conservation Status: Endangered
  • You can travel to Africa, of course, but the easiest way to observe African elephants is at the Safari Park! Our elephant habitats spread out over six acres, divided into two main yards, and providing all the elephants with opportunities for social interaction and with inviting space. With eight African elephants, there’s always something happening here!

    Elephants enjoy a refreshing dip. A large pond allows them to do just that. You can observe the action from the Elephant Viewing Patio, located at the south end of Elephant Valley, next to Tembo Stadium. There are also shade structures made of simulated rock, and plenty of room to roam. Our youngsters are especially fun to watch as they cavort in one of the mud holes. In fact, the little calves seem to entertain guests no matter what they’re up to!

    When you're not at the Park, be sure to watch our elephants daily on Elephant Cam!

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