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The tiger is one of the world’s most revered animals, a symbol of power, strength, and regal dignity. Formidable, graceful, intense, compelling, fierce, and awe inspiring, tigers have come to represent the essence of wildness itself. Experience the power of tigers in person as you explore their new home at Tiger Trail.

Welcome to a land of volcanoes, tropical rain forests, a treasure trove of biodiversity—and tigers. Sumatra is home to the critically endangered Sumatran tiger, along with other endangered species such as orangutans, rhinos, and elephants. Tiger Trail provides a journey to discover tigers and their current struggles within their island world.

Illegal logging is one of the major threats to Sumatran tigers, and Tiger Trail’s Logging Camp represents this conflict between humans and the wild. The nearby Log Walk provides a challenge to maneuver across on the way to a large window with an up-close view of the big cats.

In Indonesia, a pondok is a hut or shack. The Tiger Trail Pondok represents a small market stand in which wildlife products are sold, some of them from poaching. A conservation volunteer is there, however, to talk with visitors about the role of such markets and what can be done to prevent the illegal killing of tigers and other species.

Not all cats dislike water, and Sumatran tigers are very good swimmers. The deep pool in Tiger Trail allows them to show off their ability while visitors can see the cats both above and below the water.

Trekking up the hillside provides a spectacular view of tigers padding along the rocks and streams below as visitors travel through the mist of a cascading waterfall.

In Indonesia, the longhouse is a community gathering place or a home for several families within a village. Tiger Trail’s Sambutan Longhouse is reminiscent of the rumah adat traditional architectural style, with the distinctive, sharply inclined roof designed to protect against heavy rains in the hot and wet monsoon climate.

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