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Flightline Safari - Soar like an eagle above park exhibits on a 3/4 mile zipline! Book today
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Flightline Safari is the ultimate recreational experience for those looking for excitement. Secure and comfortable in your harness, you will soar as high as 130 feet above the ground with rhinos, deer and more in the fields below you.

The Flightline experience includes gear, an orientation, and a "fledgling" line to practice taking off from a platform and successfully landing. This first Flightline run is 470 feet long and carries you through fragrant, shady trees.

Once "fledged," you board a truck for a ride to the upper launch area of our main Flightline. Once you learn the ropes, your guide hooks your harness onto the sturdy cable "trolley" and you're ready to fly the friendly skies, landing safely near our campground at the Park's Kilima Point!

You can also choose to record your flight with the Flightline Helmet Cam in High Definition. You can play it back at home in full wide-screen mode with high resolution and no picture distortion. Flightline Helmet Cam info...

Safety Restrictions

Age Range: Adults and children ages 8 and older only. There is a maximum of 2 children ages 8–15 per adult in a party. Children ages 8–15 must be accompanied by a paid parent or guardian 18 years or older during the entire Flightline experience and have a signed liability waiver. Children 16 and 17 may participate alone but must have a
parent or guardian 18 years or older present at the orientation to sign the
liability waiver.

Weight: Must weigh between 60 and 300 pounds and fit comfortably in harness.

Footwear: Secure, closed-toed shoes are required.

Other Considerations: No alcohol may be consumed by a participant prior to taking a Flightline Safari.


Ages 12+



Ages 8–11


*Admission is separate and required. It may be added before checkout.


Flight Times: Times vary, offered daily

Duration: 1 hour, including training session and test flight.

Re-rides: Only $29! Second flight must immediately follow the first. Subject to availability. Purchase in advance or on site.

Helmet Cam: Video your flight and take the video home with you for $29.





Questions? Or prefer to book by phone? 619-718-3000